Just wanted to email and say thank you soooooo much for making our wedding day so perfect.  Everything was simply wonderful.  We were very touched by your delivery of our vows.  You did a spectacular and very personal job.  We appreciate it so much and will remember you and the day for the rest of our lives!

Jessica Wilden & Adam Smith, Sept 25, 2010

Please take a moment to fill out our online inquiry form so we can get a better idea of what you're thinking in regard to your elopement wedding and how we can help make it a reality. We promise to get back to you within one business day. If you'd like a faster response, call us at 888-464-7712.
At Elopements by Lyssabeth's, we've been offering elopement packages and coordinating heartfelt elopements since 2002.

We serve central California (from San Francisco to Big Sur) and (almost) the entire state of Colorado. Click here
to view our elopement locations.

Be it a romantic ceremony for the two of you with your toes buried in a California white-sand beach, hand in hand atop a Colorado mountain peak, a handful of friends and family witnessing your vows in a romantic B & B, or an intimate gathering of friends in a neighborhood park or garden, we specialize in helping couples exchange vows in intimate settings whose natural beauty will take your breath away.

If you prefer to be married amid the sounds of the forest as opposed to a string quartet; if the sun setting over a mountain lake is your idea of the perfect wedding decor; if being able to give all your attention to your beloved on your wedding day rather than playing host to scores of guests is what makes your heart sing or you think an idyllic post-ceremony activity is a barefoot walk along the beach, hand in hand with your new husband/wife, then you've found a kindred spirit. We're passionate about elopements!

Not Sure if you want to Elope?

That's okay. This website is an excellent place to get your pre-elopement feet wet. Read our Why Elope page for an overview of all the reasons that eloping might (or might not) make sense for you.

Elopement Packages

If you already know where you want to elope--either the actual venue or a general area, then head on over to one of our regional pages for local elopement wedding information.
We've partnered with other wedding vendors who are as passionate about elopement weddings as we are. Our elopement packages range from our starter package (help finding an elopement site, an officiant, some basic planning assistance, and a professional photographer) all the way up to fully inclusive packages where all you have to do is show up with your toothbrush in hand (okay, it might be nice if you had a couple of rings--but even those aren't mandatory!).

We're happy to help you put together your wedding from start to finish, or just a piece here and there if you happen to be a do-it-yourselfer. (Although there are many, many advantages to booking an elopement package rather than booking all your vendors separately.)

Our goal is to give you the services you want, without making you pay for those that you don't. Our elopement packages are customized for each couple.

The bottom line is that whatever you want to make your elopement wedding a reality, we'll help you get it. (Unless you're Jonesing for an Elvis impersonator in Vegas...there are probably others who could better provide you with that.)
All relationships between a couple and a wedding service provider need to be based on trust (it's a pretty big day to place in the hands of a total stranger). But trust usually needs to be built over time. And--if you're eloping--you probably don't HAVE that kind of time. Plus, unless you live near the area in which you'll be eloping, it's not like you're close enough to pop in for tea and check us out personally...

So, let's speed up the process. Here's the short story on what you might want to know about us (click on the question for the answer):

1. Who are you?

2. What do you do--and why?

3. Do you accept commissions or kickbacks from the vendors that you represent?

4. You sound like you're fun to work with. Is it all fun and games?

5. Where can I get more info?
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Intimate Elopement Weddings

(for 2 or a few)

The Un-Courthouse Wedding

Your Elopement Wedding Options

There are no limitations when it comes to eloping! We offer elopement packages in two gorgeous states--California and Colorado. So whether you're envisioning a toes-in-the-sand California beach ceremony or exchanging vows nestled among Colorado aspens or the awe-inspiring peaks of the Rocky Mountains, we have some breathtaking options for you to consider. We can also point you in the direction of adventure elopements (sky diving vows anyone?), cozy inns, intimate chapels, covered bridges and unique and romantic spots known only to us locals.

As far as the ceremony itself, we have some beautifully-written scripts you can use as-is, or we'll help you modify them or put together something totally customized if that's your preference. We even have some specialty pre-written elopement ceremonies designed for couples with kids and for older couples.

You can listen to our pre-written elopement ceremonies here.

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How can we help make your Elopement Wedding a reality?

We Specialize in Elopement Wedding Packages

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Elopement Ideas
Follow your heart, not the crowd
An elopement wedding can be anything that you want it to be. There are an infinite number of tasteful possibilities for a couple looking to get married simply and intimately. Eloping doesn't mean you have to run off to Vegas to be married by a cheesy Elvis impersonator. It doesn't mean you're stuck with a depressing courthouse wedding. It doesn't even mean that you have to leave town. Many couples book an elopement package to get married in their very own backyard (literally!).

And lastly, it doesn't mean that you can't have any guests.  We generally think of an elopement as an informal wedding of up to 15 guests.

Bottom line is that intimate weddings are all about reduced stress, focus on each other and FUN! However you envision that is fine with us. We'll make it happen for you.

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