Colorado Elopement & Small Wedding Packages

Beach weddings are lovely, but what if you're more of a Rocky Mountain kind of couple? Or snowboarders who are jazzed about the idea of saying "I do" atop a snow capped peak in Breckenridge, Aspen or Vail? (Hint: if that's you, then check out  our Elope on the Slopes page.)

We've got small wedding packages for you too! (Because getting hitched at sunset on the beach isn't everyone's thing!)

We offer small wedding packages from the Metro Denver/Boulder area to Fort Collins/Loveland in the north, Colorado Springs to the south and west to Vail, Breckenridge, Aspen, Grand Lake and pretty much everywhere in between!

How our Packages Work

If you've poked around our website at all (and if you haven't feel free to go do that now--we'll still be here when you get back), then you already know how passionate we are about small weddings. Therefore, the professional wedding vendors that we team up with for our small wedding packages must also be passionate about the art of the intimate wedding.

So, that's the first thing you should know--we only offer you wedding vendors who are professionals in their field. If you want to DIY your flowers or photos, that's fine with us. But if you want a true pr, then we're all on the same page!

We'll line up the vendors you want and present you with one package price for everything. All fees are handled through the Lyssabeth's business office, so you only need to make one payment. We'll disperse funds to all your vendors.

All you need to do is show up on the day of the wedding with your Sweetie and a marriage license (and we'll help you get that--the marriage license--not the Sweetie).

Each Wedding Package is Customized just for You

We're not about offering cookie-cutter wedding experiences. If you want that, then head over to the courthouse! Our small wedding packages are designed to be flexible. We want to to give you exactly what you want for your wedding day experience.
What's Next?

Try as we may, we can't post exact package pricing for everyone's wedding. There are just too many variables. (That's what makes elopement-style weddings so unique and fun!) Bear in mind that resort areas like Vail, Aspen and Breckenridge are going to be higher-priced than the metro Denver/Boulder area.

Click here for a general idea of what some of our wedding packages cost in Colorado.

contact us and tell us how we can help you with your perfect Rocky Mountain wedding. If you prefer, give us a call at 888-467-7712, ext 101.
Contact us for more information, to inquire about availability, ask a question, or to brainstorm ideas about your elopement wedding.

Our elopement package prices vary by location and according to the amount of services you'd like included. For a general idea of pricing, please visit our Colorado sample elopement packages page.

Colorado wedding packages

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What do we offer in our Colorado Wedding Packages?

Well, pretty much anything you want that's wedding-related. Our most popular package comes with the following:

An officiant to perform the ceremony and assist you with obtaining your Colorado marriage license

A pre-written ceremony script

Help finding a location for your small wedding

Some basic small wedding coordination

A professional small wedding photographer for one hour and all of your copyright-free, high resolution images delivered to you in an online gallery

But, hey! We don't stop there--unless you want us to--it's your wedding, after all! We also provide wedding professionals who offer:

Hair and Makeup services

Flowers (Bouquet & Boutonniere)


Restaurant and lodging referrals

But wait! There's more! Order before midnight tonight (not really--we just threw that in to see if you're paying attention). But--all kidding aside--we can also put together anything else that you may need to make your destination wedding in Colorado all that you dream of. Some couples have asked us for child-care, pet-sitting, cakes, Champagne, a limo.

Just tell us what you want. We'll get it for ya...we know people who know people...we'll make a few calls...

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