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Colorado Elopement Packages

We've put together our Colorado elopement package offerings a little bit differently than others do. We recognize that what we do best is plan and officiate elopement wedding ceremonies. However, there are several other services that many eloping couples want--such as photography, flowers and maybe the occasional hair and makeup artistry.

Rather than try to offer these services ourselves (with less-than-optimal results), we've instead partnered with other wedding service providers throughout Colorado who do offer these services professionally. We call them our Elopement Vendor Partners. We're of the opinion that having a professional take your photos will produce much better results than handing our officiant's spouse a point-and-shoot and calling him or her a "wedding photographer!" We think your small wedding deserves the same level of professional services as the large affair for 200 at the country club.

How our Elopement Packages Work

In conjunction with our elopement wedding vendor partners, we've put together some fabulous packaged services. We'll line up the vendors you want and present you with one package price for everything. All fees are handled through the Lyssabeth's office, so you only need to make one payment. We'll disperse funds to all your vendors.

All you need to do is show up on the day of the wedding with your Sweetie and a marriage license (and we'll help you get that--the marriage license--not the Sweetie).

Enjoy the convenience of one-stop shopping and coordination of pre-screened wedding professionals under one umbrella, coupled with the security of knowing that you're working with pros who specialize in small weddings.

No cheesy pre-made packages here!

We're not about offering cookie-cutter elopements. If you want that, then head over to the courthouse! Our elopement packages are designed to be flexible. We want to to give you exactly what you want for your wedding day experience.

Alas, we have no gimmicky elopement package names. While the names of some of these are great for comic relief--"Sweet I do's" Package," "Goin' to the Chapel Package," "The Key to Happiness Package," and--my personal favorite--"They Lived Happily Ever After Package"--no one can guarantee any of those things (surprise!).
Our Starter Elopement Package for the two of you and up to 2 witnesses


*Assistance with finding the perfect place for you to elope in Colorado
see Location Scouting for details)

*A Professional Wedding Officiant
(of your choice--subject to availability)

*Use of one of our proprietary elopement ceremony scripts
click here to listen to the options--use our vows or your own)

*Assistance with obtaining your marriage license
click here for Colorado marriage license information). We'll also file the license for you after the ceremony.

*Professional Photography services
(one hour of shooting and all copyright-free, edited images provided in an online gallery or DVD)

What's Next?

Try as we may, we can't post exact package pricing for everyone's elopement wedding. There are just too many variables. (That's what makes elopement weddings so unique and memorable!) But we hope we've given you a start.

contact us and tell us how we can help you with your perfect Rocky Mountain elopement wedding. If you prefer, give us a call at 720-259-1670 or 888-467-7712.
In Addition We specialize in creating all-inclusive customized elopement packages that include everything you want for your perfect Colorado elopement experience. Let us know if you'd like any of the following:

*More than two guests

*Customized wedding ceremony
We love our pre-written elopement ceremonies, but if you feel differently, or just want something tweaked, we can do that.

*In-person meeting(s) with your officiant prior to the ceremony
Unlimited phone, Skype video and email contact is included in the starter package, but if you want to meet with your officiant in person before the big day, then we can make that happen.

*Additional Elopement Wedding Coordination Services
In case you want some extra one-on-one elopement-planning--
click here for details)

*Bride's Bouquet/Groom's Boutonniere (click here for more info)


*Hair and Makeup Services
(click here for specifics)

*Lodging and Restaurant Referrals

*Anything else wedding-related!

Contact us for more information, to inquire about availability, ask a question, or to brainstorm ideas about your elopement wedding.

Our elopement package prices vary by location and according to the amount of services you'd like included. For a general idea of pricing, please visit our Colorado sample elopement packages page.

Colorado elopement packages

starting at
(depends on location)
resort areas higher

888-464-7712 or 720-259-1670
Elopement Ceremonies
Instead, our initial package offering starts with the three things that almost every eloping couple wants--an officiant, a photographer and a help finding a ceremony site. If you want more, we'll add whatever you like. Just let us know and we'll create your personalized wedding package. (And if you want less, then you're probably better off skipping the package offering and just buying the individual services that you need.)

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